Here at St Peter’s we believe that Young People are not the future but the right now. Our hope and aim to create a space which is a fun safe space for any young person, regardless of their beliefs.

Midweek we run our Bespoke Youth Cafe from 3:30-6pm on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at Molesey Youth Centre. We have a sports hall, table top games, a pool table, table tennis, a tuck shop and we always have free food!

On Sunday’s we open the Bespoke Youth Cafe from 4-5:30pm. This is also a drop in that young people are free to come and go. We offer a short segment where we might look at faith, identity or anything else that YP might want to talk about. The YP are free to participate or not, no obligation to join in.

You can find out more about what we do by following us on Instagram: @bespoke_youth or liking us on Facebook: